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Question: Humans have been created as images of God, animals have not.Animals have souls because they display thoughts and emotions, but they do not have spirits, that part with which we commune with God and worship. No animal.

Much as I would like to believe my pets will be in Heaven with me, I cannot see the jump in logic that animals have souls.Most of whom we would consider to be members of the wildlife kingdoms belong to what is known as group souls.

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We could say that animals do have a soul, in the sense of a life force and the basics of perception, response,.

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Humans have souls and spirits, but do animals lack both or which one.Either way, if animals do have souls, your author is right that they may differ in important ways from human souls.

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My Grandfather was convinced without a shadow of a doubt that not only is there a heaven but that animals DO have souls and go to the same place as we do.Christian apologist Dan Story examines this issue with biblical and theological evidence.

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A question that comes up frequently is whether people will see their pets in heaven.

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The following question from an anonymous blogger, even though it was asked a while ago, is particularly timely now, as so much discussion is taking place.

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Does the Bible state definitively whether animals have a soul or a spirit.

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I was pondering this earlier and it brought up some interesting questions.

If animals had an immortal soul, then I would have to take my cat, Boo-Boo to church and evangelize her and her brother, Baby Buddy.Over the years there have been trillions of animals on the earth, and heaven would be a very crowded place if each one of had a soul.Two of my friends were having an intense argument about whether or not animals have souls.

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The Pope has said we must all love animals. And I, seeing the happiness of those two reunited, understood that animals also do have souls,.

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My question might best be understood by fellow dog owners since they intimately interact with dogs and know them like family members, but looking.

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People sometimes say to me that there is no mention of pets having souls or going to Heaven in The Bible.Is it preposterous that any humans consider humanity is so different to the rest of mammalian life on this.Whatever else the soul might be, it seems safe to say that it is part of that dimension of consciousness that makes us most fully human--part of that which makes us.