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Being prejudiced for their condition, society denies them of their basic rights.Apple on Tuesday published a new video series to its official YouTube channel, which highlights a number of differently-abled users in their day-to-day exp.However, my goal here is simple: I want to make the idea of being differently-abled a more mainstream and understood concept.


Nasser is one of around 10 million differently-abled people in this country of 80 million who complain about negligence by governmental and non-governmental.

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When a loved one is diagnosed with a medical condition, there are many questions that emerge.They should be made part of the society, part of the activities.

NEW DELHI: After Accessible India, the BJP government has launched a new initiative — Inclusive India — to include differently-abled persons in mainstream.KARACHI: It is high time that universities should be made more accessible to people who are differently-abled, said Dr Sanish Sumbul from Darul Sukun, Karachi. She.

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The nature created thousands of living species on this Earth.

Everyone is Differently Abled Song That Celebrates Differences in Abilities Lorraine Bayes and and Danny Deardorff.

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Define differently abled: disabled, challenged — differently abled in a sentence.Trigger Warning: Ableism, murder of disabled people In terms of my actual set of abilities, differently abled is, well, actually true.So here we discuss scope of education for the differently abled.

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A staircase to a man in a wheelchair screams that he is not part of the normal system, but an outsider.As an HR professional it is important that you offer equal opportunities to differently-abled workforce.

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It features specially selected toys that encourage play for children with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities.

Ramps, parking spots, restrooms, and doors therefore reflect an image that represents the disabled.Differently abled was first proposed (in the 1980s) as an alternative to disabled, handicapped, etc. on the grounds that it gave a more positive message and so.The same guidelines for reading instruction and engagement apply for virtually all learners, even.