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Hinduism is widely spread out in India and around South-East Asia.

Holi - the festival of colors - is undoubtedly the most fun-filled and boisterous of Hindu festivals.As you all know that a new year has arrived and each religion has its own festivals.The Magic of Hindu Festivals Hinduism is celebratory by nature.

List of the Hindu calendar dates, months, auspicious times, festivals and panchang available here.

Hindu festivals have religious, social and hygienic elements in them.

Hindu festival dates, vrats, daily panchang etc. based on the Hindu calendar, the traditional lunar calendar followed in India.List of Indian Festivals and Holidays in year 2016, which includes Government and National Holidays, Buddhist Holidays, Jain Holidays, Sikh Holidays and Christian.

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A very best website features Festivals of India, Indian Festivals 2016 and Religious Hindu Festivals which are celebrated all over the world.The move is a rare gesture of religious tolerance in the Muslim-majority nation and comes after a resolution initiated by a Hindu lawmaker.Plan holidays by the Calendar of Indian festivals in 2017 and know about Hindu festivals and Indian rituals.We hope you will come to this page regularly to learn about the festivals of these. Hindu.

Here are some of the biggest religious gatherings in the world:. for what is thought to be the largest religious meeting in the world. Hindu.During a human stampede, India suffered many deaths, which occurred over the past week at multiple Hindu religious festivals.Written by Akshat Rathi. are strict devotees of their Hindu gods,.Krishna Janmashtami, which is also known as Krishnashtami, Gokulashtami or simply Janmashtami is observed on the occasion of the birth of Hindu God Krishna, 8th.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21: An ancient festival that emphasizes the motherhood of the divine and femininity, Hindus begin the nine-night religious festival known as.

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Navarati is one of the greatest Hindu festivals,. and self-sacrifice began the Christian religion.Hindu Festival Calendar 2017 is presented here along with dates for all the festivals and holidays celebrated in Hindu Religion.

Information on Hindu and Buddhist religious festivals, Diwali, Wesak or Budda Day.

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Hindus Enter River Ganges In Maha Kumbh Mela, Worlds Largest Religious Festival (PHOTOS. while a thriving Indian media make the festival well known all.